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I purchased Villa del Arco in 2010.I made a deposit and created a loan.

I had to pay for the first years maintenance fee even though I would not be going back to Mexico a second time in one year. Shortly after I returned home I lost my job and have not worked since. I tried to keep up with the payments but felt that it was just too much. They offered to reduce the payments for a few months but still billed me the original amount.

Then they offered to hold payments until Jan 1 2012, but I still don't have a job. My attorney friend told me to make an offer of my getting my original deposit back, they get the monies I paid on the loan and the timeshare back and I get the 2 weeks that I paid fees. For an American company they are not very American or helpful. Their small offering did not help at all.

I find this a form of fraud. They take back my timeshare and I get nothing. If anyone else has suffered through this situation, I am going to speak to the Attorney General of the state in whicch they are located.

Maybe they can help.I think my offer was quite fair.

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