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Buying our timeshare at Villa Del Mar in Puerto Vallarta has been a bad experience from the start. We got into a "fixed" timeshare and yet never got to stay in our room. The maintenance fees are subject to change without notice (and ridiculous). And to add matters to that, they charge cancellation charges if you wish to "bank" your week for the following year (even though we were told there were no added fees to do that). To top it all off they then charge another "rebooking" fee for when you want to use your week. They expect the charge (currently sitting at $140USD - although subject to change) to be paid in full immediately (even before you've used the actually "banked" time.

There are far better deals (all inclusives unlike timeshares) out there via travelocity or expedia. We'd never ever do it again, nor recommend it to anyone (unless you have money to burn).

Universal Vacation Club and Villa Del Mar/Villa Del Palmar were no help to us.

Good luck!

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I would like to direct any readers of this posting to go to a website I just published and read to your heart's content. It is addressing many issues and concerns with the Villa Group (Developer) and the UVC.

If you are a UVC Member and would like to add your name to my UVC Member mailing list, please contact me via the “Contact Us” page on the site or send an email to . Jeff Robbins.


I agree completely. I bought at Villa Del Arco and haven't been able to stay there for three years. I did an experiment and was able to book online through several companies for the same week I was told the hotel was unavailable (by UVC). Apparently, currently only 35 percent of the hotel is open for use by time share holders. They fail to mention this during the sales pitch...If I remember correctly, the salesman told me I was virtually guaranteed a room.

They gave me a room at Villa Palmar. Let me tell you that the rooms at Palmar are not equivalent. The room I stayed in had mold on the walls. The hotel is overcrowded. I walked over to Villa Del Arco and found it to be almost deserted.

I have complained over and over, yet have recieved no apology, no upgrades, no special offers or rates on anything. They have my money and don't care.


The staff at the hotels are constantly trying to sell you something.. It borders on harrassment.

Gause, Texas, United States #32097

They suck....can't even get into the hotel you buy at. They are a total scam.

don't buy / stay there. report to BBB

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