When I purchased in Jan, 2009 at the Villa del Palmar Flamingos, Nuevo Vallarta, the salesman & sales manager told me that along with my purchase, I was enrolled in the "Member Rental Program" and my contract included 4 bonus weeks @ that resort to rent @ $3000 per week. I was instructed to call Clare Banks at Regal Rental as soon as I got home to sign their contract(which I did)and paid their up-front fee of another prox $600. I was told that a lock-off was my best bet, because since I bought "Gold Time", I could upgrade to a 1-bedroom anytime for no additional charge.

I paid my contract in full as agreed and I've paid my maintenance timely as agreed. I have not received 1 penny of rent promised for "bonus weeks" deposited with Regal, and it appears this Clare Banks is only available to sign people up, not to answer questions about rental contracts. Whenever I call, they tell me the weeks have not rented, and when I call the resort to try to rent them myself, there are no slots available.

I paid an embarassing huge amount for what ended up to be simply a studio unit that could not be upgraded to a one-bedroom, and it appears will never be rented out by Regal Rental. The Company has No Scruples, they bill you endlessly for maintenance, they are unwilling to listen to any questions or complaints after getting your signature, and certainly do not live up to their end of the bargain.

I have owned at the Royal Resorts in Cancun, MX for many years, and have never been lied to, cheated, or brushed off when I had questions to address. I mistakenly thought I was dealing with the same type of club when I vacationed at the Flamingos in Nuevo Vallarta,MX. Shame on me for trusting,and double-shame on them for their rip-off tactics!!!

Karen Ambler, Geneva, IL

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We had the same thing happen to us and it was a disaster


I also purchased a holiday week studio and was told many times that It would automatically upgrade to a one bedroom unit at any resort in the UVC group if not used on the holiday week. Once we get home the tory changes and you can't get in touch with the sales person etc...

their calling cards have an email address that is not recognized.

And they wonder when I Do go down there why I dont want to go to any of the member presentations - what to get lied to again! Wish I would have known this all before I bought!

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